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Malaysia blocks Medium for not complying with request to remove investigative news story

VIENNA, Jan 27, 2016 – The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has blocked one of Malaysia’s most popular blogging platforms after the company did not comply to a request to remove a post by Sarawak Report, which allegedly contained “false content”.

Spanish media outlets take ‘gag law’ to European Court of Human Rights

VIENNA, Dec 17, 2015 – Three Spanish media outlets announced this week that they would challenge Spain’s new Public Security Law, popularly known as the “gag law”, at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). La Directa (Barcelona), Diagonal (Madrid) and Ahötsa (Navarra) have filed the claim as “potential victims of human rights violations” according to the ECtHR’s admissibility criteria.

IPI report on Jordan media freedom urges legal reform

VIENNA, Nov 19, 2015 – The International Press Institute (IPI) today called on Jordan to repeal a new law reintroducing prison sentences as a potential punishment for journalists operating in the online sphere and for the head of the country’s Media Commission to follow through on a commitment to start a process to swap the country’s news website licensing requirement for a registration system.

Data, specific strategies needed to counter online abuse of women journalists

VIENNA, Sep 22, 2015 – Cyber attacks – either in the form of direct threats, verbal abuse through social media platforms, hacking or espionage – represent a growing concern for the journalistic community, as online platforms and tools are increasingly important for the profession.


Reporting attacks is the first step to ending them. We need your input to help us raise awareness about violent threats, smear campaigns or repressive laws intended to silence journalists and bloggers. Report anonymously via our secure platform.


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